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Founder - Shelley Snow

My first trip to South East Asia was in Oct of 2005. At the age of 35 I quit my waitressing job and made the choice to backpack accross India for 5 months. It still remains the bravest choice I have ever made and was one of the high water marks of my life. At the end, I decided to fly from New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal and when I arrived at Tribhuvan airport I knew that I had arrived 'home'. I had found my Tribe, my people, my passion, my heart. When I flew back to Canada one month later I had only one focus - to figure out how I could return to Nepal.

For a few years I returned South East Asia to volunteer teaching English and also to volunteer for a wonderful Canadian-Nepalese charity operated by a good friend David Walton called WELNepal. But eventually I realised that I needed to do more. But what?

Nepal is one the poorest countires in the world...and more than anything else I wanted to contribute to helping women and girls to have more options, more choices to determine the path of their own lives. In 2014 She Sells Sanctuary was born. This was the first time I sought out fair trade local grassroots organizations that made beautiful handicrafts, I bought my white tent and joined my first Toronto Artisan Market.

This business has been nothing less than a labour of love. Thank you for your continued support!

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